Choose the Best Pond Pump for Your Filter System

02 May

In as much as you can use a pond pump without a filter, you need to be aware of the fact that any kind of water filtration system will require a suitable pump for it to work. As such if you are going to use a kind of filter outdoors such as on your garden pond, then you need to ensure that you choose the best pond pump that is suitable for that specific water filtration system.

Basically, you need to know that there are two kinds of pond pumps at These are the submersible pond pumps and the ones that are housed outside the pond but placed close to the pond. The submersible pumps are in most cases used to produce fountains and the other small water features that are within the pond. They are as well fit for use to get the water re-circulating in the rockeries so as to create an effect of a waterfall. The one advantage of these is that they are easy and simple to install and operate and do not quite demand to be primed. Most of them have a strainer on the inlet side so as to act as a kind of filter that prevents the fish and the debris from getting sucked or drawn into the moving chambers of the unit. These are however not to be seen as the filters anyway. However, the housed pond pumps, that is the external surface type of pond pumps are often more powerful, larger and a bit more expensive as compared to the submersible pumps. The power and size of these types of pumps has made them become a more favored alternative for the pumps if you intend to use them to pump water a far distance, create a stream or flow of water or an expansive kind of waterfall. The surface pond pumps, also known as the submersible pond pumps.

There are some points that you will need to consider if at all you are planning to connect a pond pump to a water filtration system. One of the key things that you will have to factor will be such as the compatibility of the pump and the filter and as well ensure that the capacity of the pump suits the volume of water that the pond contains. Gauge the capacity of the pump by looking at the volume that the pump gives out per hour at any time of use, view here!

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